Top Ten Films EVERY Entrepreneur Must Watch

Top Ten Films Every Entrepreneur MUST Watch (PART 1)

Sometimes we need to relax, especially when we have worked really hard day and night for weeks at a time. So when the next time you find you’re self-relaxing, instead of watching a show like the X- Factor, why not enjoy watching a film that will motivate you instead.

We have compiled a list of films every entrepreneur must watch


1.Catch Me If You Can (2003) True story

Catch Me If You Can features Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank Abagnale Jr who runs away from home after his parents’ messy divorce. Young and independent, Abagnale uses his wit in order to survive and takes advantage of situations to acquire his greatest desires.

Abagnale finds himself in the role of a doctor, schoolteacher and lawyer without the training required for these positions. Later in the film he takes things too far and finds himself arrested by the FBI.


1. Act exactly like the person you want to become
2. Be bold in every situation especially when you the lack the experience
3. Stay calm when things don’t pan out you’re way

2.Taken (2008)


(This film is not about business, however it does contain tips that you can use to progress in business)

Taken concerns an ex–government spy, played by Liam Neeson, whose teenage daughter gets kidnapped whilst on holiday. Using sheer determination and willpower alone, he manages to rescue his daughter in time to prevent her being used as a sex slave.

This film show you the characteristic of a real go getter, By watching this film it will remind you what real miracles unfold when you are single-minded.


1. Never take no for an answer
2. Maintain 100% focused at all times
3. Do what ever it takes to get what you want

3.Slumdog Millionaire (2009)

The story of Slumdog Millionaire is based around an impoverished Indian lad accused of cheating on the Hindi version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire.


1. Use the resources around you to take you up a step
2. Have time to visualize what you desire
3. Stay hungry for knowledge

4.The Pursuit of Happiness (2006) True Story
pursuit of happyness

Will Smith plays Chris Gardner, a homeless father struggling to survive; much less achieve his dreams of becoming a stock broker. Chris goes from sleeping in subway toilets and spending nights in jail to fulfilling his dreams of becoming a successful stockbroker.


1. When everything seems hopeless, keep persevering
2. Walk in faith not in sight
3. Spend your hours in life wisely

5.Lord of War (2005) True Story

Uri Orlov, played by Nicholas Cage, feels unfulfilled living the average life, so he decides to become a businessman dealing in international arms smuggling. He then becomes so obsessed with the business that he neglects the people closest to him.


1. Never go half hearted instead commit your whole self
2. Don’t be afraid to fail
3. Fake it to you make it if you need to

6.Jerry Maguire (1997) True story

Tom Cruise plays a successful sports agent, Jerry Maguire, who gets sacked by his corporate company. Instead of pleading for his job, he starts his own sports management company and eventually achieves success.


1. Treasure you’re relationships
2. Stay buzzing with high energy to energies the people around you
3. Pick the words you use wisely

7.Erin Brockovich [2000] True story

Julia Roberts portrays Erin Brokovich, an unemployed single mother, constantly rejected by potential employers. After countless rejections, she finally manages to secure a job working as a legal assistant. She finds herself underestimated by her colleagues simply because of her trashy clothes and her inexperience. Instead of feeling insecure, she confidently challenges a multi-billion dollar company, and wins the case. At the end of the film Brokovich receives a large sum of money in return for the work she had undertaken.


1. Use you’re mouth to get what you want. Shout and scream if it would help you achieve you’re goals
2. Don’t rely on anyone to give you anything
3. Don’t look for permission to start something, use you’re intuition

8.Dreamgirls (2006)

Dreamgirls concerns a three-member girl-group with ambitions to make it to the top of the music charts. A car salesman hustler named Curtis Taylor played by Jamie Foxx uses his charm to steer the trio to the top of the charts.


1. Charm can get you really far in life; so use it
2. Never let no ones negativity holds you back
3. Go left when everyone goes right. Take a different approach

9.Iron Man (2008)

Tony Stark, played by Robert Downey Jr is a billionaire playboy who uses his weapon manufacturing skills to overcome deadly foes. He creates an indestructible suit to fight against evil in the world.


1. Be the best so you can get the best
2. Stay creative

10.Boiler Room (2000)
boiler room

Giovanni Ribisi plays Seth Davis, a 19-year-old college dropout wishing to get rich quick. He sets up a mini casino in his house for the local teenagers, but soon moves on to join a firm he believes will fast track him to success. However, he soon finds out that he is now working for a company that scams innocent people out of their savings.


1. Be aware of what you are getting involved in, before you commit yourself.

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